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Just wanted to check in with you all, as its been a very long time since I last posted on this blog. Wanting to let you all know that I’ve not abandoned this blog and that I will be back to regular posting in the coming weeks. Life has got in the way abit these past few months but I’m now back on track and ready to start blogging again.

Please keep checking back to my blog as I’ve got some reviews coming up of fantastic beasts and where t find them and Illuminae. I will also be posting a February TBR.

Thank you as always to all of you out there that keep reading my blog.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review

Evening Bookworms,

I’m back with another review, this time its the long anticipated eighth Harry Potter book. As soon as this was released on 31st July, I made sure I rushed out that morning and picked up my copy. I started reading it straight away and finished it within three days. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. My review does contain some spoliers later on but I will indicate further down when these are coming up. As always I love hearing from you all, o please leave me a comment on what you thought of the book. Happy Reading x


Harry Potter

This is the special rehearsal edition.

Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30, 2016.
It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.
While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

My Thoughts

As an avid Harry Potter fan since the age of eleven, I was so excited to hear that an eighth book was going to be released. I loved reading the other seven books and couldn’t wait to get stuck into the latest edition. As with the other books, there was of course a huge build up and hype about the forthcoming release. There were Harry Potter parties at the book launches, midnight release times and various Harry Potter related book tags across YouTube and the blogging world. Old fans wanted to delve back into the magical world and rejoin their faithful friends now that they were older. We all wanted to experience the magic of Harry Potter once again and this book certainly did not disappoint. I’ve read on some blogs that people didn’t enjoy the book, but I for one can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this new adventure.

The main difference with this novel was the format. Unlike the other seven Harry Potter books, this one was written in the form of a stage play. The read is much faster then the other books which does mean that the action happens quicker and there is less time for a build up to the point of action. Some readers may not like this as with the other books, there was plenty of detail and build up to be had. I found that once I got used t the style, it didn’t bother me at all or affect my read of the book.

If you have not yet read the book then I would stop reading here as there will be some spoilers in the next few paragraphs. If however you have finished reading the book then please continue reading and enjoy.

The eighth book is set nineteen years from where we left off at the end of the seventh. Harry now works for the ministry of magic and is also a father of three married to Ginny Weasley. The story focuses on their third son Albus who is sorted into Slytherin house and befriends Draco Malfoys son Scorpius. Struggling to live with the fame of his dad Harry, Albus starts to rebel a bit. Together with Scorpius they decide to travel back in time to save the life of Cedric Diggory at the Tri Wizard Tournament. The idea is planted into their heads by Amos Diggorys (Cedric’s dad) niece Delphi. She agrees to help them obtain the time turner which has been confiscated by the Ministry of Magic, This doesn’t go according to plan as it is later revealed that Delphi is in fact Vodlemorts daughter who wants to change time in order to make her father the most powerful wizard in the world. Fortunately for Albus and Scorpius everything works out in the end and the magical world is restored to normality.

My favourite character had to be Scorpius. Even though he is a Malfoy, I found him to be a really sweet and gentle character. Suffering with his own turmoil, he still puts Albus first and helps him try to save Cedric. Scorpius is tormented most days by pupils at Hogwarts who say he is the son of Voldemort. Scared that this may be made worse if people found out they were travelling back in time, Scorpius is still brave enough to go along with the plan and help Albus as best he can. In one scene Scorpius is sent to a time where everyone likes him ad he is known as the Scorpion King. Given the chance to keep this alternative time where he is liked, he decides against it and puts the future of others before his own happiness. This scene really shows that he isn’t like all the other Malfoys we know so well.

Even though Albus wasn’t my favourite character, I still warmed to him. Being a son of Harry Potter is a hard enough task but when your sorted in Slytherin, it makes life at school that little it harder. Albus comes across as quite a gloomy personality. His relationship with his father breaks down through the first half of the book. This makes him more determined to right the wrongs he thinks Harry committed i.e. letting Cedric die. Readers are left constantly wondering if father and so can unite and become a family again.

The host of other characters in the story all bring their own bit to book. Hermionie and Ron still portray the same characteristics we know and love about them. Hermionie is now Minster of Magic, she’s strong willed and shows a real determination to be the best minister she possibly can. Ron now runs the joke shop his brothers had set out to originally. He is one character that injects some fun and laughter into the tale. He and Hermionie are married with two children, Hugh and Rose. Rose is the same age as Albus and acts very similar to how her mother did when she was at Hogwarts. Harry has similar traits to what he had when he was younger. He suffers nightmares along with his scar hurting. This convinces him that there is dark magic at work. He sets out to save Albus and prove that he deeply loves his son. Some readers may find it hard to accept that Harry, Ron and Hermionie are no longer teenagers themselves, but for me I soon got into it and treated them like the adults they were in this novel.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves the previous seven books. I would say that if you haven’t read any Harry Potter before then it would be a good idea to read them first in order to learn about the characters and how we get to the point we are in the eighth book. Its made me want to go and see the live stage play. I’m therefore giving Harry Potter five bookworms out of five.

Update: Missing in Action

Hello Bookworms, DSCN2254

I just wanted to check in with you all and say that I havent forgotton you. The last couple of weeks I havent been able to find time to put posts up as I’ve just started back in my day job after taking maternity leave.

Luckily though I’m starting to feel abit more organised now so I’m hopng to start posting regulalry again. Didn’t realise how difficult it would be to actually get myself and a little person ready at 6:30am in the morning!!!

I’ll sign off by saying thank you for your continued support and patience. You guys are what make my blog worth doing. I love reading and being able to share my reviews with you all, make it that much more enjoyable. Reading and writing is the one job I would love to move into in the near future. This blog is the start of that dream.

Thank you all again.

Sarah x

Me Before You Book Review

Hi Bookworms, I’m back with another reivew today, this time its Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I’m sad to say that I did not enjoy this book at all. I really hoped that I would live it but unfortunaltely it just wasnt for me.

Title: Me Before You


Me Before You, out in cinemas now

Author: Jojo Moyes

Series: N/A

Published by: Puffin

Genre: Romance/Adult

Pages: 481

Format: Paperback

Sources: Goodreads


Louisa Clark knows a fair amount of different things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She loves working in the little cafe, The Buttered Bun. She also knows that she may no longer lover her long term boyfriend Patrick.

There is one thing that Louisa doesn’t know, the fact that she is going to lose her job and that an unlikely chancing is going to keep her sane.

Will Traynor knows the motorcycle accident he was involved in has changed his life forever, so much so that he know longer has the desire to live. Life has become a joyless task for him and he knows exactly how he’s going to put a stop to it.

Louisa is about to burst into Will’s life in a whirl of colour. Neither of them know that their going to change each other for the rest of time.

My Thoughts

Me Before You has raised so much hype recently, with the up and coming movie release starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claffin. I was interested to see what all the fuss was about and so purchased a copy of the book. I’m not normally one to dislike a novel, like many others I will often agree that a great piece of work has been written. This time unfortunately I cannot say that. I didn’t really like hardy any of Me Before You………queue the many screams of disagreement being hurled at the computer screen at this point. I’m sorry if this upsets you but I could just not get along with this book.

The main protagonist Louisa Clark, was a character I found to be a bit annoying. At 26 years of age she seemed to be quite content with plodding along doing her job at the Buttered Bun and bickering like a teenager with her older sister. To me she seems the sort of person who could have pushed herself and gone on to do much better things with her life. Its only when she loses her job that we see her being forced to go and try something new. It is only when she meets Will that she starts to come out of her shell more and do more things in her life. Will is the ignition and kick start that Louisa needs to get going.

I can say though, that I found her to be kind-hearted especially when it comes to Will. She was determined to keep helping him even when he was mean to her at the beginning. She goes out of her way to plan days out for Will in order to make him see that life is worth living.

Her fashion sense adds one of the very few fun and quirky elements to the book. I looked forward to seeing what she would be wearing to work each day. Moyes’ writing and descriptions of her were well written so much so that I could really picture this odd looking person trying to figure out how best to make Will find some happiness.

I felt so sorry for Wills character. He’s gone from being a successful businessman and enjoying life, to a man now confined to a wheelchair with very little movement due to the motorcycle accident he was involved in. He’s become convinced that life is no longer worth living. This in a way annoyed me because it comes across as though all disabled people don’t want to go on with life any more which is not the case. Many people I know that are confined to wheelchairs are really spirited individuals who go on to do a lot with their lives which I find really inspiring. Will has a supporting family, wealth, access to the best medical treatment and in the end a woman who loves him for just being him, yet he still wants to end his life.

Louisa’s partner Patrick is the complete opposite to Will. He’s a sport addict, who’s driven by fitness, looking good and constantly testing his body to the highest extremes. I feel like Patrick’s character is written into the book to really make clear how bad Wills condition is.

The end was very hard to read. I wont say too much but I couldn’t find anything romantic in it. I felt numb and shocked.

Overall I couldn’t really get into this novel. Even though its supposed to be classed as a romance, I couldn’t find any heart tugging prose that left you with a flutter in your stomach. As I headed towards the end I felt the ever foreboding dread of what was coming.

I’m therefore going to give Me Before You 1 bookworm out of 5.

Stardust Review

Evening Bookworms,

Tonight i’m posting a review about Stardust written by Neil Gaiman. I found this book to be a really quick and enjoyable read. It definetley holds a special place on my bookshelf. I’d love to know what you think of Stardust or any other Neil Gaiman books you could recommend.

Title: Stardust


Stardust is a quick and enjoyable read that has the traditional feel of a fairy tale.

Author: Neil Gaiman

Series: N/A

Published by: Headline Books

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Pages: 194

Format: Paperback

Sources: Goodreads


Tristran Thorn lives in a little town named Wall situated in the sleepy English countryside. Life here moves at a steady pace. Tristan is in love with one of the popular girls in Wall, named Victoria Forester. Victoria doesn’t however return Tristan’s affections. One night, the both see a star fall from the sky. Victoria claims that if Tristran can retrieve the star for her, then he will win her hand and love. It is this vow that sends the young Tristran over an ancient wall on the edge of the town, into a world that is mysterious, strange and dangerous. This world opens up his eyes, the star is a fiery young woman who joins Tristran on an adventure featuring witches, magical sailing ships, curses and unicorns.

My Thoughts

Stardust is one of my favourite go to novels. At just 194 pages long, its a fast read packed full of gripping detail. The novel could be mistaken for being a fairytale. It has the typical plots of good verses evil, a romance and adventure all wrapped up with a dusting of magic.

The main protagonist is a young man named Tristran Thorn. He is of half faerie parentage. Early on it is clear that Tristran doesn’t fit into the town of Wall. He is a dreamer, who wants to go on adventures and do remarkable things. Any romantics among us will instantly fall in love with Tristran. He’s warm hearted and goes out of his way to try and impress the popular girl of the village, Victoria Forester. When they see the star fall from the sky, he’s determined to retrieve it for her in order to win her heart. I love the thought of being given a glittering star. It truly would be a very romantic thing to bestow on a person. (One can dream!) As the story moves on we can see that Tristran is strong, determined and is unwilling to go down without a fight. He’s protective of the star all through the adventure they share together. Sometimes he can come across as being a bit unorganized and bumbling but I think that adds to his charm. He’s definitely an unlikely hero that shapes up to be a real strong character.

The other characters in the book include Yvaine, the star who falls from the sky. Yvaine, We first meet her as a sobbing woman, clearly upset at having fallen from her home. Once Tristran however slips the unbreakable chain over her wrist, she becomes more abrupt and defensive. Similar to Tristran she will not go down without a fight. The language Gaiman gives to Yvaine works really well. From the description of her I imagine a beautiful young woman who sparkles due to her star like qualities yet her language is abrupt and not so beautiful at times. This is especially so when she is insulting Tristran. I really like Yvaine. She adds a refreshing difference to the typical damsel in distress type figures we see in the average fairytale.

Yvaine is a valuable character in order to compare Tristrans love interest to. Victoria is cold hearted and self centred. She doesn’t seem to care at all about Tristran going off risking his life in order to bring her back the fallen star.

Stardust is a novel that is a fun read for people of all ages. Everyone from children to adults will find something to enjoy in this book. Its well written. Gaiman has that knack of using the words so effectively that you are instantly immersed in the world of Wall and Faerie.

Overall I think Stardust is the type of book that you can go back to over and over again. Its a typical cosy read that takes you back to your childhood. The only downside is that I’d have liked the book to be a bit longer as I didn’t want the story to end. As this is the only Neil Gaiman book I’ve managed to read so far, I’ll certainly be looking for some more of his books to read.

To sum up I give Stardust 4 out of 5 bookworms.

Welcome to The Bookish Bookworm

Welcome bookworms , I’m so glad you decided to pop over to my blog. This site is all about book reviews. Each time I read a book, I am going to be posting a review about it on here. I read a variety of genres from YA to historical and even childrens (I have an excuse to indulge in this genre again as I have a little 9 month old son).

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