Update: Missing in Action

Hello Bookworms, DSCN2254

I just wanted to check in with you all and say that I havent forgotton you. The last couple of weeks I havent been able to find time to put posts up as I’ve just started back in my day job after taking maternity leave.

Luckily though I’m starting to feel abit more organised now so I’m hopng to start posting regulalry again. Didn’t realise how difficult it would be to actually get myself and a little person ready at 6:30am in the morning!!!

I’ll sign off by saying thank you for your continued support and patience. You guys are what make my blog worth doing. I love reading and being able to share my reviews with you all, make it that much more enjoyable. Reading and writing is the one job I would love to move into in the near future. This blog is the start of that dream.

Thank you all again.

Sarah x


Fangirl Book Review

Hello Bookworms and happy Saturday. This last week I’ve been finishing off reading Fangirl. Please see my review down below. Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear about what you think of Fangirl.


Title: Fangirl

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Series: N/A

Published by: Macmillan Childrens Press (UK edition)

Genre: Young Adult

Pages: 438

Format: Paperback

Sources: Amazon and Goodreads

Started: 9th May 2016

Finished: 16th May 2016


Cath is eighteen. She’s embarking on her first year of college and she is a huge Simon Snow fan.

She along with twin sister Wren submerged themselves within the world of Simon Snow when they were little to escape the reality of their mum leaving them. They would read and reread the novels, hang out in the Simon Snow forums and write fan fiction.

Now that they have started college, Wren seems to have drifted away from the Simon Snow hype and wants to be more independent away from Cath. Alone, Cath must navigate the world of college. She’s got a no messing around room-mate with a smily happy boyfriend, a handsome classmate who loves to talk about the written word and a professor who doesn’t class writing fan fiction as real writing. To top it all off, she cant help worrying about her dad who is adjusting to life on his own without his two girls.

Cath questions whether she can do this? Can she do it without Wren by her side? Is she ready to start living her own life and leave Simon Snow behind?

My Thoughts

I’ve recently been hearing a lot about Fangirl on YouTube and on book blogs. The reviews gripped my interest and so I went ahead and purchased a copy off Amazon. Its a fairly short breezy read compared to bigger books like Outlander and so I finished it within a week….especially good going when I have a little 8 month old to look after!!! The book itself made want to keep going back to it and find out what was going to happen next. I’d always try and snatch moments in the day when my little man was having his naps and catch up on a chapter or two. However once I got to the end I was a teeny bit disappointed and was left wondering “is this it?” I felt like it needed something more.

Even at the grand age of 28, I could still relate to the characters in the book. It did have me laughing out loud at certain points thinking “yeah that was me back when I was 18”. Its a great book for both young adults who are just starting out on their own journeys to college and also older adults who like to take a trip down memory lane and relive some of their college days.

Cath for me was the main character I could relate to. She is a book lover, a person who prefers her own company, she finds social events hard and she would much prefer to be sat comfy in her room writing on her laptop. She spends a lot of her time writing Simon Snow fan fiction stories which is read by thousands of online fans. Simon Snow is the fictional equivalent to Harry Potter. Cath just loves the books. As the story progresses Cath begins to realise that she needs to let go a bit and include other things and people in her life bar Simon. As a reader you are willing her to try out different things and enjoy college life.

Wren, Caths twin sister is much more outgoing then Cath. She wants to be independent and go off partying and drinking. She wants to led the typical college life. At times Wren annoyed me, as clearly Cath needed some support off her but she seemed very unwilling to help her.

Nick, who Cath has Fiction Writing class with comes across in the first few chapters as a really nice guy. He’s handsome, intelligent and loves writing like Cath. Unfortunately he’s not all he seems.

I immediately warmed to Levi. With his smily open attitude what’s not to like about him. Throughout the story he is slowly trying to win Cath over. As a reader you, like Cath begin to trust him but I was a little hurt by something he does in the book without giving Cath a real explanation as to why he did it. Even though there is this little blip, I still have a soft spot for Levi.

Reagan was a character I could picture really well as she reminded me of one of my school friends. Reagan is a no messing sort of girl. She outspoken and says what’s on her mind. I think she works perfectly as Caths room-mate as she is the one who in a way starts to bring her out of her shell. We all need a Regan in our lives.

Overall I really enjoyed the story, I felt for Cath and the struggle she was going through. I think a lot of people could relate to the story and would also enjoy it.

I’m going to rate Fangirl 4 out of 5 bookworms.