The Hunger Games Review

Evening Bookworms, The review I’m sharing this evening is of a book I read  a good few years ago. I recently picked it up again and reread it in a couple of days. I enjoyed it just as much this time round and thought that I must share my thoughts with you. Get yourself comfy and I hope you enjoy. As always, its lovely to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

Title: The Hunger Games


This is one book I will never tire of reading.

Author: Suzanne Collins

Series: The Hunger Games

Published by: Scholastic

Genre: YA/Science Fiction/Fantasy

Pages: 454

Format: Paperback

Sources: Goodreads


Sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen is living in Panem, the remains of what used to be the United States. Panem is split into twelve districts who all serve the Capitol. Long before the story is set, the districts joined each other and waged a war on the Capitol. The districts lost the war and so now have to take part in the Capitols brutal form of entertainment known simply as “The Hunger Games”. Each year a lottery selects one boy and one girl from each district to compete in the games. The games change on a yearly basis, however there is one rule that does not; kill or be killed. Only one competitor can emerge victorious. When Katiniss’ little sister is selected, Katniss steps up and volunteers to take her place.

My Thoughts

When I first heard about the Hunger Games I wasn’t too fussed about it. The plot line didn’t really draw me in as the thought of children being selected to battle and kill each other put me off. I’m glad to say though, that thanks to a family member I was handed the book and decided to take the plunge and give it a go. At the same time the film was being released in cinemas, so that aspect also helped me to give in and read it.

Katiniss, our protagonist is very strong willed and determined especially with the hardship and struggles she deals with on a daily basis. I also felt like she was a dreamer and believer in the sense that she could see a better future was coming for the people of Panem. She puts her skills of hunting to good use. Along with her best friend Gale, they hunt and sell off their catches to the people of District 12 in order to make a bit more money for their families. We really see Katniss’ bravery at the reaping. This is the event where a boy and girl are selected from each district to be entered into the Hunger Games. Katiniss volunteers herself in place of her younger sister Prim. As a reader I was suddenly very much on her side and desperately wanted her to win and come out alive.

The boy selected from District 12 is named Peeta. Peeta certainly grows on you throughout the book. By the end of the book readers will find themselves really rooting for Peeta….you may even fall a little bit in love with him :). He and Katiniss barely know each other and so have to develop a bond throughout the games in order try and stay alive as long as possible. As their bond grows though, you are left wondering how, if Katniss is to survive, can she kill Peeta?

There are a range of other characters which include District 12’s trainer Haymitch and even the Capitols Effie Trinket that you do find yourself warming too. Suzannes’ descriptions of Effie especially conjure up all sorts of images in your head as to how she looks and acts.

Overall I am so glad that I took the plunge and went against my previous judgements on this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely find myself reading it again and again. I know it has now been many years since this book was released but I urge any of you out there that has not for some reason read this book, then please go out and get yourself a copy. You wont be disappointed. Suzanne does an amazing job of describing a world that is so vivid in your head. The characters are very likeable, so much so that you feel as if you know them on a personal level. For those of you that have read it, then all I can say is get your copy of that bookshelf and submerge yourself back in the world that is the Hunger Games.

I give the Hunger Games 5 bookworms out of 5.



2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Review

    • It is a very good series. I agree with you there, Suzanne Collins did a really good job of covering three very difficult issues. I liked the fact that even with all the brutality and fighting going on around the characters, there were still acts of kindness between some of them such as Katniss helping Rue.


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