Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles) Review

Afternoon bookworms, I’ve finished typing up my review for the first of the Lunar Chronicles books. Meyer has done a fantastic job of retelling the story of Cinderella. I can safely say I will be purchasing the next few in the series.

Title: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Series: The Lunar Chronicles


Love the covers on all the Lunar Chronicles books.

Published by: Puffin

Genre: YA/Science Fiction/Fantasy

Pages: 387

Format: Paperback

Sources: Goodreads

Date Started: 26th May 2016

Date Finished: 13th June 2016


New Beijing is home to both humans an androids. A deadly plague is sweeping the nation claiming life after life. In Space, a merciless lunar race watch, waiting for the opportune moment to attack Earth. Unknowingly the fate of the Earth and its people, hangs in the balance of one girl.

Cinder is a gifted mechanic living in New Beijing, she is also a cyborg. She is hated by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsisters sudden illness. Her life suddenly takes a different turn when she becomes entwined with the young Prince Kai. She is suddenly thrust into the centre of a violent struggle between a forbidden romance and an evil queen. Now caught between her duty and freedom, she must uncover secrets of her mysterious past in order to save and protect the people of Earth.

My Thoughts

Cinder is a book that I had heard a lot about, especially on YouTube where people were saying it was one of their favourites. The quote on the back of the book reads β€œThis is not the fairy tale you remember, but its one you wont forget.” Pretty confident words you might say? Thankfully though, I’m happy to say that I have now joined the numerous fans this book has.

Meyer has created a wonderful and different retelling of the original Cinderella story. Cinder is a part human, part cyborg mechanic. Like our original Cinderella, Cinder is still an outcast. She has a wicked stepmother, and a mean stepsister. Luckily though, Cinder does have some kindness on her side. Her other stepsister Peony is nice to her. She also has the support and friendship of a little android named Iko. Of course there has to be a handsome prince and he comes in the form of Prince Kai. To complete the line-up there is a race of evil lunar people who are ruled over by an evil queen who wants to destroy Earth. It is up to Cinder to save her planet. As if this wasn’t a hard enough job, New Beijing is devastated by a deadly plague.

Cinder is one of those characters you immediately bond with and feel sympathy for. She is unwanted and uncared for by her stepfamily. She knows very little about her proper family. The only thing she feels really confident in is her mechanics. It is this skill that brings her to the attention of the young prince Kai. They both have their own struggles to deal with and both have struggles that the other one understands. Throughout the book you as a reader are willing them to get together.

Prince Kai, like Cinder is a character you can sympathise with. He is battling his impending coronation to lead a nation plagued by a fierce disease and the ever increasing lunar threat. A lot of responsibility suddenly falls on his shoulders. The poor prince also has to try ad stave off the growing advances of the lunar queen.

The other characters in the book such as Iko and Peony are instantly likeable and in some cases add a bit of light humour to the read. Iko reminds me of the character of Buttons who is often featured in many pantomime remakes of the original story.

As you may expect the plot is inevitably a predictable one. However Meyer does a brilliant job at twisting the story so you are left with some surprises. I have never read a version of Cinderella that was set in the future, given a space age feel and had a half cyborg as the leading role. The book kept me reading right until the end and I looked forward to getting back into the story every time I went to pick it up. The ending does finish on a cliffhanger, which is a bit frustrating as you want to know what happens. It will definitely make readers want to know what happens next. Luckily we can find out as there are other novels out in the Lunar Chronicles.

To conclude, I think that Cinder is a fantastic take on the original story and I would definitely recommend it to other readers. Its a quick read and wont have you bogged down in a load of unnecessary detail.

I give Cinder 5 bookworms :).


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