Carry On Review

Hello fellow bookworms. I’ve not finished reading the follow on novel to Rainbow Rowells Fangirl. I did enjoy this book but found that I preferred Fangirl to it. If you’d like to recommend any more novels by Rainbow Rowell, then please leave me a comment down below.

Enjoy the review and happy reading!



Title: Carry On

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Series: N/A

Published by: Macmillan Books

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Pages: 517

Format: Paperback

Sources: Goodreads

Started: 17th May 2016

Finished: 23rd May 2016


Simon Snow is on his way back to Watford School of Magik for what will be his last year. He wants nothing more than to chill out and relax through this year but no one will let him do that. The Mage, his mentor wants to protect him from the deadly humdrum by hiding him away from the school, his best friend is constantly annoying him, his girlfriend breaks up with him and his room-mate who happens to be his arch nemesis hasn’t returned to school. There’s also vampires, ghosts and the fact that you’re the greatest magician ever…….Simon is going to do everything but rest!

Carry On is a Young Adult novel, it’s a love story, a ghost story and a melodrama. Like many other Rainbow Rowell novels there’s plenty of kissing and talking just set in a scarier environment.

My Thoughts

Having read Fangirl and learnt about the character of Simon Snow, I was excited to learn there was a whole other book dedicated to him. Fangirl left us wondering what Cath was going to write about Simon and how she would end the story. Sadly Fangirl didn’t give us any real conclusion to the Snow saga. Wanting to know more I purchased Carry On.

I felt the book is most definitely in the category of YA. Its full of teenage arguing and angst. It documents the struggle of being a teenager in a fast paced changing world. Carry on is a full on romance novel, where the two main character try to hide their clear love for each other. Rainbow Rowell does a wonderful job of building the budding romance, it kept me reading to the end just to find out what would come of it. It also deals with teenage break ups which everyone can certainly relate to.

The book is written in the first person narrative. This like for me, may not be for everyone. I much prefer the third person but once I settled into the rhythm of the book I was able to keep track of all the goings on at a good pace.

I found Simon likeable, even though at times I felt like he was a bit to cock sure of himself. I was willing him along to succeed in his quest and to also find that forever after relationship. Penny is a great supporting sidekick for Simon. She’s his common sense in a lot of the decisions he makes. She’s dedicated to helping Simon through his fight against the Humdrum. I found Agatha to be a bit of a snob and maybe even a bit of a brat. She seemed to want everything her own way and liked to do what she wanted. It felt as though everything had to be about her.

Surprisingly the character I really took a shine to was Baz. He just oozed coolness and dare I say it some sex appeal. I could really picture him in my head as this beautiful pale figure that cut his own path through the crowd at Watford. He didn’t seem afraid to speak his mind and dealt well with what life had thrown at him (no spoilers here).

Like many reviews do say, the book does mimic the Harry Potter series. However once you get that out of your head, you do find yourself enjoying the world of Simon Snow. Watford is a lot more modern compared to Hogwarts. An example being that the spells they use seem a lot more modern than the Latin type sounding spells of Hogwarts. The pupils are even used to having mobile phones around and drive cars.

To conclude I did enjoy reading Carry On and I would recommend it to anyone who loves the teenage angst type stories. I had built this book up in my head expecting to favour it more than Fangirl but unfortunately it didn’t do that for me. Not my favourite Rainbow Rowell novel, but definitely an enjoyable one.

I give Carry On three bookworms out of five.


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