Outlander Book Review

Hello Bookworms, heres my first book review. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments down below.


Title: Outlander

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Series: The Outlander Series

Published by: Arrow Books

Genre: Historical

Pages: 863

Format: Paperback

Started 8th April 2016

Finished 9th May 2016


The story begins in 1946 where we meet Claire Randell and her husband Frank. World War 2 has finished and they are taking a second honeymoon together in the Scottish Highlands. They need to learn how each other has changed since the war. Whilst out day, Claire encounters the standing stones and passes through time back to 1743. She meets Franks ancestor Captain “Black” Jack Randell. He turns out to be nothing like his descendant. Fearing for her safety Claire tries to escape, only to find herself caught up in a gang of Scottish outlaws. It is here she meets Jamie Fraser. This is the man she comes to rely on for her safety in this new world she has entered. They start off being indifferent to each other but soon find that a deep passion burns within. Claire must decide whether to remain in 1743 with Jamie or return to 1946.

My Thoughts

Having only recently jumped on the Outlander bandwagon, I was unsure what to expect of the series. The final push for me came when I watched the first episode of the hit Starz TV show. Big thank you to Starz for giving me that confidence to go ahead and order the first book. I haven’t looked back since and can now firmly say I’m a big Outlander fan.

Outlander can sit in a variety of genres. Its main one I would say is Historical due to the time the book is set in. Diana Gabaldon is great at detailing the historical detail in this book. You feel as though you have actually passed through the standing stones with Claire and are experiencing everything she encounters along with her. There is also a romance that runs alongside the story as well as the science fiction aspect of the novel. (Everyone whos read the book will know what I mean)

The book is a long one. Its almost 900 pages in length. However, I never felt like I coudnt read any more and I never got bored. This book kept me interested all the way through. Granted, the initial first few chapters are slower then the rest of the book but they are needed as you start getting to know one of the main characters Claire Randell. There is a wide range of personalities throughout the story, each one makes you engage with them and leave you wanting to know more about their story. Some of the characters you really grow to like and others you find yourself hating but are still intrigued by their personalities.

The love story between Claire and Jamie was for me one of the best bits of the story. They are both quite fiery people and stand up for themselves and their beliefs. Claire is very outspoken which adds a comical element to the novel as women especially in the Scottish highlands would not have behaved like this back then.

As mentioned earlier the first few chapters are slower then the book overall but please dont be put off from reading it. If history and romance are your thing then I can safely say you are going to love this book. I myself have just ordered the second book in the series, Dragonfly in Amber as I am desperate to find out what happens next.

One final note, I would definitely say that the story is intended for an adult audience as it does contain some graphic details of a violent and sexual nature.

To wrap things up I am going to give Outlander a rating of 5 bookworms.


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